Pictures by Year

Pictures of housing prior to Seri court being opened
by Richard Austin 1959 - 1963


Following Are Pictures Of The Building Of The 5th RRU Operations Center
Located At Bang Khen Off Of Ramintra Road, Thailand.
Late 1959 - Early 1960
The Following Pictures Were Provided By: Richard "Dick" Austin.

Rob Hamilton 1959 - 1960  Palace House
Rob Hamilton 1959 - 1960
Rob Hamilton 1959 - 1960 Bangkok


Pictures of the Palace House from James "Jerry" Allison 1960
 took these pictures in 1960 of the yard of the Palace house and the man who mowed the grass with hand clippers. Looking out the side and back of house.  Those were great days.
Charles "Skelly" Skelton 1960 - 1961

ASA Platoon at the 9th ASA in 1960
Here Are Some Pictures Taken by Dan Waller 1961 - 1963

My House May 61 - July 62

Rod Foley - Company Clerk

Dan Waller - Radio Repairman

Dick Wilson - Analyst

Al Jenson - MP

Al Sensley (Left) - Al Hertzberger (Right)

Here Comes the Beer

Al Sensley (Left) - Al Hetzberger (Right)

Al Hertzberger - Generator OPS/Maint.

Pictures From Peter Komada 1963

Jack Willoughby Pictures
Chiang Mai 1963 - 1965

• On the roof - Local fool, me, standing on the roof of the house in

• Dennis Hu and Romy - My room mate, Dennis H.K. Hu and Romie Sarau, a
trumpet player from the P.I., sitting in the house in Chiang-Mai.

• Elephants (Big Fat Animals) en route to practice a performance for
the King of Thailand.  Taken in 1963, North of Chiang-Mai

• An elephant on a Chiang-Mai lane.  Taken in 1963.  I took this
picture right around the corner from the front gate to the Det. C, 5th
RRU, house.  Elephants often used the lane to get to the river, which
ran right behind the house.

• Buffalo - Water buffalo were so common we didn't even notice them
after a bit.  The children of the local villagers were astonished when
we told them we had no buffalos at home.

• Ancient City -  The ancient capital of Thailand, near Pittsinulok (s?)

• Road to Wat - Wat Suendok (s?) was a beautiful temple complex on the road to Doi Sutep,
a local mountain, on top of which was the King's Summer Palace.

• Hmong Village - Village on the side of Doi Sutep.

Hmong Baby - Taken in the Hmong village on the slope of the mountain
(Doi Sutep) outside of Chiang-Mai. Circa 1964

• Chiang-Mai Street - As advertised, in the Chinese section of

• Euclid - Gibbon, another Det. C mascot.

• Yogi - The Himalayan Black Bear we had as a mascot.  Much loved, he
was shot by a villager when he escaped from the com-site, just North of
Chiang-Mai.  The bear jumped out of the bushes and wanted to play
football.  The villager, sighting lunch, killed him with a very old rifle.

Jungle Temple -  Near Chiang-Mai, I never found the name of this abandoned temple.

Ralph Grede -  Lives now in Atlanta and is retired from the IRS

Suendok Interior - The inside of Wat Suendoc was used to make a Tarzan movie, circa 1963, with Jock Mahoney.

Wat Suendok - Seen through one of the decorative holes in the temple wall.

Temple Detail -  A detail of the wall carvings on the jungle temple.  I don't guess I was afraid of snakes in those days.

Taipei Road - What passed for a main drag in Chiang Mai.

Seri Court, June 1963

Burma Border - 1963 Looking into Burma from Thailand.

Thai Airways - Flying Thai Airways was always a pleasure.

The flooding of Chinag-Mai in 1964 put large parts of the city underwater.

Circa 1965:  This policeman worked the border post in Nong-Kai, across the river from Laos.

Two musicians from the Philippines playing at a nightclub in Bangkok.
The P.I. contributed greatly to the Western entertainment available in Thailand.

The subject is Leo Dragger (s?).The pic was taken at the maintenance site, in Chiang-Mai,
with an old Minox I was carrying around at the time.

Leo Dragger

'63 Flood - What we see here is a young man, my smiling self, in Chiang
Mai with no idea of the germs and viruses loose in the water with him.

Lynn Ponce  - Lynn Ponce, in the antenna field at Det. C, playing with his f-stop.

Main Drag -  Another shot of the main street in Chiang Mai, taken in 1963

Waterfall - Leo Drager in front of the waterfalls at Mae Sai.  Carl
Tunich took this photo while I sat on top of the waterfall.  1963 or 1964.

Klong - One of Chiang-Mai's lovely canals

River House - This was the 5th RRU house by the river.  In (I think)
early '65 we moved to a couple of smaller houses not far from the airport

Monty and Fred - Monty Tichnor and Fred Hite in the side yard of the house by the river

Ron Knight

Houseboy at Seri Court


    Pictures of Bangkok and Det A from George Creel 1964 - 1966

This is a "floating" restaurant in the Central Park in Bangkok in 1965



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