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  Added 02/21/2015
Dale Hoffman sent in this note about Agent Orange at the 7th RRFS
Richard:  I served at the 7th in 1972 with USAFSS 6924th Security Squadron.  I will shortly be appealing a denied claim for herbicide exposure.  I would like permission to use the LAYOUT PLAN MAP of the 7th RRFS as part of my claim.  If the scale of 1" to 600 feet is accurate; then there was no point on the base more than 500 meters from the perimeter.  500  meters = 1640 feet divided by  600 = 2.73 inches.  If I double that, 5.46 inches.  No matter how I lay my ruler, there is no point on the base outside of that 500 meter buffer. I find it hard to believe that no one has seen this yet.  Maybe you can add it to the AGENT ORANGE issues on the website.

Link to "Field Manual Tactical Employment of Herbicides 14 December 1971"
See Yellow highlighted areas on Page 6 and 17.
Page 2-1 of that manual on "Physiological Properties"characteristics of Agent Orange: [Page 6 of PDF] (8) ORANGE is low in toxicity to man, fish,and wildlife; but it will cause slight skin irritation

and minor inhalation effects.


Page 5-5 that manual on "Guidelines for Using Ground Dissemination

Systems": [Page 17 of PDF]


Using ground-based systems allows exact

placement of herbicide on the target and minimizes

downwind drift of agent. Applications

should not be made if windspeed exceeds 10 knots,

or if it is raining or rain is predicted. The major

disadvantages of ground-based systems for spray

application are: the target area must be occupied

and controlled by friendly troops; the terrain

must be traversable by spray apparatus; and current

systems have only a limited standoff capability.

A 500-meter buffer distance should be maintained

to avoid damage to desirable vegetation near the target.


Looks like the Army wasn't too worried about a 500 meter buffer for man in December of 1971.

Added 03/07/2011
Steve Moore  and a group of men from the 7th with claims filed with the VA are putting together a letter and files to send to the Senate Veteran Affairs Committee, requesting assistance as to why the VA will concede and grant service connection and presumptive status to Military Police and Security Police but other MOS's that had to walk through the perimeters and to the operations compounds daily are not given that concession.  To contact Steve click on his name and send him an email. 
 Agent Orange Use at Thailand Military Bases Added 03/07/2011
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Agent Orange Question

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