7th RRFS Pictures

Harry Moritz 1963 - 1968

Harry Moritz "Don't Fuck With Me Card"

Harry Moritz Thai ID

5th RRU - Detachment D - 1965 - 1966

Don Collins Recovered from Bill Bogart's old 7th Web Site

This was our first barracks at the Udorn Air Base. The story we
heard was these had originally been the Japanese officers barracks
in WWII. The picture was taken in late 1965.

This was our second barracks at the 207th Signal Compound.
It was an unused barracks that we sort of took over. It wasn't
very big, about 75% of it is in the picture, and everyone E5 and
above was given Per Diem, and expected to fend for themselves.

The 207th was where we initially started operating. The trucks
were initially parked there as just a temporary thing. When it
was decided that the site that we were supposed to start operating
from was too dangerous (it was in the Air Force ammo dump), we
just opened the vans, threw barbed wire around them, and started
operating. The 207th wasn't to pleased but...........

This is an enlargement of the Sign. It's a very interesting sign.
This was the last station in a communications line that ran from
Bangkok to Vientiane, Laos.

The first EM club at the 7th.

These next two pictures are the third site we were at in Udorn, next to the village of Non Soong.
The first site was the 207th Signal parking lot. The second was the concrete pad about 150 yards east of this picture.
We operated at the pad site for six months or so, while still using the barracks at the signal corp compound.
A big bus hauled us back and forth. Then in early march of 1966 we moved into this site.
This was also about the time that some of the original team left, including me.
Based on some pictures that I've seen on the web site, the Field Station was built just east of here, about where the second operating site was.
The first picture shows "main street." In the background you can see the big roof that they built to put the M-292 vans under.
Believe me, it made them much more bearable to be in. In front of that you can see the M-292 van that the CO used for his office.
Across the street is the little Volkswagen bus that we used as a shuttle to get into town, go to the Air base, and any other errand that might come up.
Sort of the unit taxi. The little red car is a Sunbeam Alpine that was owned by the maintenance foreman.
It had a bad electrical system, and would never start, so we would have to push it for him. Fortunately the car was pretty light, and it wasn't a problem.

This is a picture of Captain Pavlin and Lt. Hart. Captain Pavlin was the first CO
of the 7th and Lt Hart was first XO. I don't know who the Sergeant sneaking
in the door behind the CO is.

Pavlin was the first CO, Hart the first XO and Traweek the first 1SG of the unit.
They were all there in the beginning. These pictures were taken at a going away party
for the Captain in very early march 1966. Actually the unit had been there a year,
and a lot of us were rotating out. This was sort of a last party, and we made it a memorable one.
Lt Hart went on to Vietnam, where he was with the unit supporting the 1st infantry Division at
Di An. I ran into him just before I left in early 1967, and I believe he was a new Captain at that time.

This is a picture of Pattaya Beach. They brought us back from Udorn a week
early when we left, and we went to the beach at Pattaya for the weekend

Elephant rides at Non Soong.

This is a picture of Seri Court in Bangkok, Thailand. The building
on the left in the foreground is the new mess hall. It wasn't in operation yet,
and we were sleeping in there until we went to Udorn.

This is another picture of Seri Court, Bangkok in March of 1966.
Doesn't really have anything to do with Udorn, but I think its interesting
to see the new barracks addition under construction. I use the term
barracks rather loosely here. I've lived in apartments that weren't as
good as the "barracks" there

5th RRU Det D - 1966

Tom Langenfeld  Recovered from Bill Bogart's old 7th Web Site

A lot of the construction shots I took on behalf of the ASA Pacific staff which wanted me to document the building of the field station.
I took the photos, mailed them to Helemano (HQ, ASA Pacific), and they then sent an extra print of each shot back to me.
Here now are some photos my years experience at "Detachment D, 5th RRU," as we were known for most of my tour in 1966

An aerial shot of the eventual location of the 7th RRFS.
Note just left of center in vortex of main highway and road to post, is "tent city."

I think this view is from across "Freedom Highway" looking east.

This is the main entrance before concrete poured.

Front entrance 'to be'.

This was our "hot" Plymouth Station wagon the Bangkok 83rd SOU/5th RRU sent up to us. A bit more comfortable than the jeep.

Original construction site for the 7th RRFS-early earth moving.

Friendship Highway to the right. (Udorn is 10 miles to the right) Supplies are starting to arrive.

Looking northeast.

Tent city with troop tents to left. Ban Non Soong is across highway.

More "tent city."

This is where the BOQ/Office tents went up. To the right is the shelter + original Ops Vans- 6 expandable vans that
had been used at Clark, Saigon, Bangkok, Phu Bai and then Udorn- in that order I think. (Note antenna field in back.)

I believe this is the "club"- doesn't look so good from the exterior.

The Club. Great place to cool off and relax, as the club had the only air conditioning. Shift workers really appreciated this place.
We got the plywood (floors + walls) roofing material, refrigerator, A/C etc all from the Air Force Base.

Original "mess hall" while we lived in tent city.

This is a water point. Upgraded for construction operations. Locals could still draw their own water here.

New well being drilled-near site of original local well.

Building the field station water tank.

Locals building water tank.

Antenna Field.

Antenna field on right. Original water well on left (one of the reasons the site was picked) Ban Non Soong in background.

This is about as automated as construction got. Gas-powered cement mixer.

This was getting real high-tech-concrete truck-but note the pails that delivered the concrete.
"Rob" (our interpreter) in the center with the sunglasses.

Water tank on right and one of the 1st permanent buildings under construction.

One of the first buildings at the 7th RRFS. Note concrete columns.

This was the way the field station was built-reinforced concrete columns, crude brick fill,
then plaster/stucco over the bricks.

Major McLeroy.

2nd LT. Ron Kline.

I can not recall the NCO's name. Think he was our Maintenance chief.

Capt. Tom Sims pulling the "topknot" of a Chinese boy at the Pastuer Institute in Bangkok.
I think he was one of our first company commanders.
Donald Monroe - 7th RRFS August 1966 - June 1967

Early Days of the 7th RRFS - Winter 1966 - 1967

Photos from unknown source  Recovered from Bill Bogart's old 7th Web Site

Photo of "Tent City". Teak and tin building on left was the latrine.
Tent sides are down indicating this photo was taken in the winter months of 1966/1967.

Another photo of tents with housegirls sitting in front.

Here is a picture of the first "club". It had a bar and two slot machines inside. Air conditioning provided by Mother Nature.

The first picture of Ops. Starting on the left is the club. In the center is the main gate to Ops (red shack).
Next under the large shed is commo. In front of that is Ops Hq. The 292 expandable vans are under the
6 peaked shed. (Ed note: Dave Cooks narrative follows) "If I remember right there were 2 05H's, 1 98G,
one DF, one AFSS, one maintenance. You can imagine what it was like being an "H" in one of those vans
in the summer. Six bodies and all that radio stuff with tubes. AC's cooled only on MIDs".


5th/83rd - Detachment D & 7th RRFS - 1966 - 1967

John Cannon  Recovered from Bill Bogart's old 7th Web Site

Comm Vans arriving on site.

DF antenna array being erected.

The DF antenna array.

Concertina wire on perimeter of old site.

Barracks old area.

The building with grey drops is the old mess hall.

Senior NCO barracks.

The old enlisted club

This was the main gate to the original site.

CSM Cannon holding a 3 1/2 ft Banded Krait snake frequently found in the tent/barracks areas.

The gentleman in the picture is CSM (Ret.) John C. Cannon.
The last tent to the right was the NCO quarters and the second to last was the personnel office.

This was the road to Udorn going north from the site.

This is a few house at the end of Non Soong village across the highway from the main gate.

New construction Phase 2 enlisted barracks.

New construction Phase 2, more Enlisted barracks.

Early construction of Water tank.

Thai laborers digging cable trench for FLR9.

Hail and Farewell. Directly under the picture on the wall is SFC Walt Hickman.

Hail and Farewell. Against the wall, left to the right is
SFC Charlie Gray, yours truly, LTC Corrington and Maj Wm. Bud Foster.
Far right with Glasses Sgt Doug O'Donnell

Hail and Farewell. The NCO at the counter is SSG Miranda and the
three behind the elephant in the table from left to right are
SSgt John Pedigo (Maint),  SSgt Wally Wallingford 05D, & SSgt Epps.

Hail and Farewell. Left to right SFC Charlie Gray, JC and LTC Corrington

Hail and Farewell. (Mine) left to right...JC Cannon, LTC Corrington and Maj Bud Foster.

 7th RRFS - 1967

Photos from Dennis Udovich - Recovered from Bill Bogart's old 7th Web Site

7th RRFS - Ramasun

May67-The tents we lived and worked in.

On right- tent living quarters. Latrine on right (metal building).

Mess hall and water tank taken from fire exit door od projection room. June 67

Warehouse on left, Telephone center and tower in middle, officers quarters on right. May 67

Enlisted men's living quarters.
(Ed note: remember, there were no American females there then.) May 67.

Headquarters building.

Down one of the streets.

Officers quarters and bus pickup point. May 67.

The New (old) NCO club. May 67.

Looking westward at the post.

East tower being worked on.

From east tower; lower left-motor pool building; next above-power plant;
above that-signal maintenance shop; then-warehouse; telephone center & officer quarters-upper.

From east tower looking directly down center post. Lower- basketball&tennis courts; upper- headquarters building.

From east guard tower looking west. Bottom right- NCO building; Center-
Recreation building with pool; Rear- enlisted mens barracks.

NCO club- June 67.
(Ed note: Patio must have been built within next year, as it was there when I arrived in July of 67.)

The MP's on display June 67.

Daily train that passed the post.

This (is?) was the only train line in Thailand. (Ed. note: I believe it ran from
Bangkok to Vientaine, Laos. Looked like an HO gauge to me.


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